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Super Summer Oklahoma
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Hey FBC Sayre Students! Are you ready for an amazing week of camp? We can't wait to see how the Lord works in your life this week. Be sure to take LOTS of notes and begin preparing yourself to learn from the Lord this week and ask how you can bring the things you will learn from Super Summer home to serve and lead in your home, school, church, and community. The Super Summer information link below will provide you with all the information you need to pack and prepare for your week of camp. We're looking forward to hearing all the awesome God stories you will have and are praying for you!

Please have your main suitcase/luggage bag packed and ready to load up no later than 7pm on Friday, June 9th. You may bring it before Friday but we will need to take the bulk of the luggage with us on Saturday when I leave for camp to ensure that there is enough room on the church van for all of you on Monday when Stacey brings you to camp. If you want to bring a smaller bag with all your toiletries with you on Monday please do so, everything else that you will need the remainder of the week can be packed in your main suitcase to be brought up on Saturday with me. 

Praying for you!

Stefan & Stacey 


Super Summer OK Camp Prep Info

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